Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Dan Pembahasannya

The Following text for question’s 1 and 2

To : Nurul

Mutia and I are going to swim after school this afternoon. If you are free , you can join us. Meet us at Atlas Swimming Pool at 3 p.m. Don’t bring any snacks. Mutia will treat us. It’s her birthday.


1)      Who will go swimming ?
A.      Nurul and Nina
B.      Nina and Nurul
C.      Nina and Mutia
D.      Mutia and I

Jawab C.
Pembahasan : Yang akan pergi berenang adalah Nina dan Mutia. Lihat kalimat pertama : “ Mutia and I are going to swim”. ( Mutia dan Saya akan berenang ). Saya merujuk pada pengiriman surat yaitu Nina.
To : Nurul

Mutia And I are going to swim after school this afternoon. If you are free, you can join us, Meet us at Atlas Swimming Pool at 3 p.m. Don’t bring any snacks. Mutia wil treat us. It’s her birthday.


2)      What is the writer’s purpose of writing the message ?
A.      To treat someone on a birthday
B.       To ask someone to join an activity
C.      To remind someone about an activity
D.      To show someone’s attention to a fridend

Jawab : B
Pembahasan : Tujuan penulis mengirim pesan tersebut adalah untuk meminta seseorang bergabung dalam sebuah kegiatan. Lihat kalimat “ If you are free , you can join us “ . ( jika kamu senggang , kamu dapat bergabung dengan kami )
Dear Leoni

I put your dictionary on your desk. Sorry I could not give it directly to you because I had to go to meet Mr. Asgan to submit my paper. Thanks for lending it to me and John.

                                                                                                                                            Your friend ,

3)      The message is written to ....
A.      Request Leoni to return Vera’s dictionary
B.      Ask Mr. Asgan to lend a dictionary to Vera
C.      Ask Leoni to submit her paper to Mr Asgan
D.      Inform Leoni that Vera has returned her dictionary
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : pesan tersebut dituilis untuk memberi informasi kepada Leoni bahwa Vera telah mengembalikan kamusnya.

v Greeting Card

Congratulation on your succes in winning the speech contest this year. It wasa very tough competition. We are so proud of you. We knew you would make it. We wish you the best always.

Students of VIIID

4)      What the purpose of the text above ?
A.    To congratulation someone on his birthday
B.     To congratulation someone on his succes
C.     Toinform someone that he was the winner
D.    To describe someone’s succes in the contest
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : disajikan sebuah surat pribadi yang isinya memberi selamat kepada seseorang yang telah berhasil memenangkan lomba pidato tahun ini. Tujuan dari surat tersebut adalah memberi ucapan selamat kepada seseorang atas keberhasilanya

Dear Yulia

Congratulation. you won two gold medals in the swimming contest. You are the best. Keep on practicing and we will always support you to reach dream of becoming a profesional swimmer.

Ahmad Yasin.M.Pd

5)      What is the purpose of the text ?
A.    To ask people to support Yulia
B.     To congratulate Yulia on her succes
C.     To inform people about the best swimmer
D.    To motivate Yulia to be a profesional swimmer
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : tujuan dari surat pribadi tersebut adalah memberi  ucapan selamat kepada Yulia atas keberhasilanya.
Dear Zuhri

We heard about your result as the
Best in
The English Speaking Contest
Hope this make you happy
We’re very proud of you
Keep up the good work, son

Mom and Dad

6)      What is the purpose of the text ?
A.    To show Zuhri’s talent
B.     To tell the prize that Zuhri got
C.     To praise on his succcess
D.    To show Zuhri’s parents achivement
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : teks tersebut adalah greeting card. Tujuanya adalah untuk memuji Zuhri atas keberhasilanya sebagai peserta terbaik dalam lomba pidato bahasa inggris.
v Caution

7)      What is the text about?
A.    A warning at a zoo
B.     A notice for the visitor
C.     A prohibition to feed the animals
D.    A suggestion to feed the animals
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : disajikan caution yang berarti tidak diijinkan membawa makanan dan minuman untuk binatatng (di kebun binatang). Berarti caution itu tentang larangan untuk memberi makan dan minum pada binatang.

8)      The text tells us that...
A.    Swimming is prohibited in this beach
B.     The beach is closed due to shark attack
C.     There are a lot  of sharks around the beach
D.    The beach is recently dangerous for sharks
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : disajikan sebuah caution yang berarti : peringatan, ada serangan hiu akhir –akhir ini. Pantai ditutup. Maka teks tersebut memberitahu kita bahwa pantai ditutup karena  adanya serangan hiu.

9)      What does the sign mean ?
A.    Swimming may endanger you.
B.     Don’t go away, you will see shark
C.     Your shark is sighted today
D.    Swimming wull enable you to see shark
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : disajikan caution yang berarti : hiu terlihat hari ini. Memasuki area air menjadi resiko para pengunjung sendiri . maka teks tersebut memberitahu bahwa berenang dapat membahayakan anda.
v Invitation
Dear Bagas,
Please cometo my fourteenth birthday party on:
Date : Sunday, 22nd December 2013
Time : 7 p.m
Place : Central Steak, Jl Pandanaran 450 Boyolali
I really hope that you can come. There will be something missing without your presence.

10)   The writer wrote the text to ...
A.    Invite everyone
B.     Invite someone
C.     Inform about his birthday
D.    Entertain Yoga to be happy
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : teks tersebut berisi tentang undangan (Invitation)
11)   From the text we know that ...
A.    Agasi will celebrate his graduation
B.     Agasi is 40 years old now
C.     The party will be held in the evening
D.    Agasi really hopes that there will be a present for him
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : Pesta agasi dilaksanakan pada malam hari.
12)   “There will be something missing without your presence,”
What is the antonym of the underlined word?
A.    Absence
B.     Independence
C.     Dependence
D.    Adoledence
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : karena lawan kata Absence adalaha Presence

v Advertisement
NatraBurst is a powerfull food source consisting of a wide variety of premium ingredients. Which work together to provide a variety of health benefit. Each serving 4.000+. additionaly, NatraBurstTM help support lean muscle mass with its concentration of high quality protein.
·         Increase energy
·         Reduce appetite
·         Promote fat loss
·         Anti-aging
·         Promote healthy skin

13)   What’s the benefit of consuming NatraBurst
A.    Increase appetite
B.     Decrease energy
C.     Promote fat loss
D.    Promote healthy hair
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : keuntungan mengkonsumsi NataBurst adalah mempromosikan hilangnya lemak.
14)   The purpose of the text is ....
A.    To warn the reader the danger of the prouduct
B.     To describe the composition of the product
C.     To persuade people to consume the product
D.    To tell reader how to use the product
Jawab : C
Pembahsan : teks tersebut berbentuk iklan (advertisement) sehingga tujuan teks tersebut adalah untukmembujuj orang untuk mengkonsumsi produk tersebut.
Blog Training
We’re opening special classes  for you, beginr bloggers. With the guidance of our experts, you will learn how to make a blog well. The training will be held from Monday to if you are interested, please come to our office and get your selft registered.

2204 Salemba Rd.

15)   How long will the blog training be about?
A.    A day
B.     A year
C.     A week
D.    A month
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : blog training akan berlangsung selama seminggu.
v  Schedule
To Parangtritis beach
Shopping to Malionoro
Back to hotel
Back to Hotel

To Airport

16)   What is the purpose of the text above?
A.    To describe the tour
B.     To advertise a tour
C.     To inform about the avtivities in a tour
D.    To show the information about a tour
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : teks tersebut berbentuk jadwal tentang tour 2 hari ke yogyakarta. Tujuan dari teks tersebut adalah untuk menginformasikan tentang kegiatan-kegiatan di dalam tour.
17)   What will they do after having breakfast on the second day?
A.    Having lunch
B.     Doing shopping
C.     Seeing the beach
D.    Going to the airport
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : setelah sarapan di hari kedua, mereka akan belanja(doing shopping). Lihat kolom Sunday, setelah acara ‘breakfast’ dilanjutkan acara ‘shopping to malioboro’.
18)   Back to hotel”
The underlined word is synonymous with ....
A.    Go
B.     Give
C.     Return
D.    Endorse
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : kata “Back” sama dengan kata “Return” yang berarti kembali.
v Email
From     : nuri.m215@yahoo.co.id
To         : mandy.68@yahoo.com
Subject : My holiday

Dear mandy,
Hi! Thanks for you email. How is jevi? I hope both of you are okay, i want tell you that i have just arrived from Jakarta. I came by plane. My sister, nora, invited me for a holiday because it’s been so long since the last time me met. I also met my nephew, Julian.
   My sister and i visited many interesting places. On my first day, we took Transjakarta and visited the National museum. After that we rossed the road to the National Monument. We rode an elevator to the top and wacthed jakarta from bird view. That afternoon we were so tired that we decided to ride taxi back home. I really enjoyed my holiday in jakarta.
   I really had a lot of fun. Do you have any plan to visit me next holiday?


19)   What si the E-mail about?
A.    Nora’s plan
B.     Jevi’s visit
C.     Nuri’s holiday
D.    Mandy’s journey
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : menceritakan kepada kita tentang liburan Nuri
20)   How did Nuri visit her sister?
A.    By taxi
B.     By plane
C.     By elevator
D.    By Transjakarta
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : Nuri mengunjungi saudaranya dengan pesawat (by plane)
21)   Why did Nuri’s sister invite her to Jakarta
A.    Nuri really had a lot of fun in Jakarta
B.     They had not met each  other for so long
C.     She wanted to visit many interesting places
D.    Nuri’s sister enjoyed the holiday very much
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : saudara perempuan Nuri mengundangnya untuk ke jakarta karena sudah lama tidak saling bertemu.
v Anounncement
To celebrate the school aniversay, the board of studendt Association will hold some contest. They will be held from 24 to 36 April 2014. Those who are interested to join should register themselves to the commitee. The registration will be closed a day before the contest. All participate must fill in the registration from. The from can be obtained in the OSISS room. For further information, please contact Yasinta at 0823525621455
Chief of OSIS

Andika Brilian

22)   How long will the contest be held?
A.    About a week
B.     Two days
C.     Three days
D.    Twenty four days
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : kontes akan diselenggarakan selama 3 hari.
23)  Those who are interested to join should?
A.    Contact yasinta or andika
B.     Remember the time of the event
C.     Celebrate the school anniversay
D.    Fill in the form to register themselves
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : mereka tertarik untuk bergabung seharusnya mengisi formulir untuk mendaftar
24)  “they will be held from 24 to 26 April 2013”
What does the word “they refer to?
A.    Some contest
B.     The OSIS member
C.     School Anniversay
D.    The participants
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : kata “they” menunjuk kata (mereka) merujuk pada kata beberapa lomba. (somecontest). Hal ini dilihat dari kalimat sebelumnya.
v Descriptive
Peter is the youngets in our family. He is fourteen years old and four year younger than me. He has long , straight hair, bright eyes and a friendly smile. Sometimes he is rather naughty at home , but he usually does what he is asked to do.
   Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school, he plays football and tennis, he is best badminton player in our family.
25)   How old is Peter? He is ... years old.
A.    Four
B.     Fourteeen
C.     Forty
D.    Ten
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : usia peter yaitu 14th, terdapat pada paragrap ke 1
26)   The writers is ... years old.
A.    Fourteen
B.     Sixteen
C.     Eighteen
D.    Nineteen
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : karena usia peter yaitu 14th
27)   Which of the following statement is not true about Peter?
A.    He has long and straight hair
B.     He has bright eyes
C.     He is interested in sports
D.    He plays football and tennis
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : peter adalah murid yang aktif dalam olahraga
28)   Acording to the passage, we know that Peter is ...
A.    The writer’s youngest brother
B.     The writer’s elder brother
C.     A naughty boy
D.    A friendly boy
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : karena jawaban yang benar yaitu jawaban a
29)   It is implied in the passage that ...
A.    Peter is naughty
B.     Peter is lazy
C.     Peter is undfriendly
D.    Peter is diligent
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : peter merupakan siswa yang cerdik
30)   From the text, we may cocnclude that ...
A.    Many people do not like peter
B.     People is older that the writer
C.     Peter is a welcoming person
D.    Peter is not diligent at all
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : peter datang ke semua undangan pertandingan olahraga di sekolah
31)   What is the text mostly about?
A.    Peter
B.     Peter’s hobby
C.     Peter’s family
D.    Peter’s elder brother
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : karena teks tersebut membahas kepribadian Peter
32)   “he is fourteen years old ... than me.”
The underlined word refers to ....
A.    Peter
B.     The writer
C.     The writer’s brother
D.    The writer family
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : than me merujuk pada penulis teks tersebut dan terdapat di kalimat sebelumnya
33)   “Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school he plays football and tennis,” the underlined phrase can be replaced by ...
A.    Dislike sport
B.     Really likes sport
C.     Hates sport very much
D.    Finds sport not really entertaining
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : peter sangat menyukai olahraga
34)   “but he usually does what he is asked to do”
The underlined phrase means ...
A.    He does anything he wants
B.     He always asks
C.     He is lazy
D.    He is diligent
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : peter sangat menekuni sesuatu yang ia sukai
v Recount
My Day
I had terrible day yesterday. First, i woke up an hour late because my alarm clock didn’t go off. Then, i was in such a hurry thar i burned my hand when i was making breakfast. After breakfast, i got dressed so quickly that I forgot to wer socks.
   Next I ran out of the house trying to get the 9.30 bus, but of course I missed it. I wanted to take a taxi, but I didn't have enough money.

Finally, I walked the three miles to my school only to discover that it was Sunday! I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday.

35)   What happened to the writer yesterday?
A.    He has a terrible day
B.     He gets a terrible day
C.     He had a terrible day
D.    He got a terrible day
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : Jawabannya di kalimat pertama paragraf pertama.
36)   Why did he wake up an hour late?
A.    Because he didn't set alarm clock.
B.     Because his alarm clock didn't go off
C.     Because he didn't see alarm clock.
D.    Because his alarm clock didn't work.
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : I woke up an hour late because my alarm clock didn't go off.

37)   What did he do after having breakfast?
A.    He got dressed so quickly that he forgot to wear socks
B.     He wear socks so quickly that he forgot to get dressed.
C.     He ran out of the house trying to get the 9:30 bus.
D.    He burned his hand when he was making breakfast.
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : After breakfast, I got dressed so quickly that I forgot to wear socks.

38)   How far did the writer walk?
A.    He walked for two miles
B.     He walked for three miles
C.     He walked for four miles
D.    He walked for five miles
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : I walked the three miles to my school

39)   What does the writer hope?
A.    The writer hopes to discover that it was Sunday.
B.     The writer hopes to take a taxi.
C.     The writer hopes he never had a day like yesterday.
D.    The writer hopes that yesterday will be better.
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday

Broken Cell Phone
Last Friday, a friend of mine asked me to accompany him to buy a new shirt at a department store. We left home at 03.00 p.m. by motorcycle. As soon as we arrived there, we went to the clothes section. I let him choose one. An hour later, I got bored watching him confused in choosing a shirt. So I left him and went to the cassette counter. Thirty minutes later, I went back to the clothes section but I couldn't find him there. My cell phone was broken so I couldn't call him. I went to the parking area. I saw his motorcycle was there but I couldn't find him. I waited for him for a few moments then finally I gave up and decided to go home.

When I arrived home, my mother told me that my friend called. She said that he was in the department store looking for me. My mother asked me to come back to the department store. Reluctantly, I walked to the department store and you know what? When I arrived there his motorcycle was not in the parking area. He just went home. I was very tired. There was no other choice, I had to walk home again. When I arrived home, I was so tired. I was very angry but when I saw my friend's broad smile greet me in front of the door, I just could not help laughing.

40)   The text above is about ....
A.    an embarrassing day
B.     shopping with mother
C.     the writer and his friend
D.    my friend and his motorcycle
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : Teks tersebut bercerita tentang pengalaman penulis dan temannya

41)    The writer couldn't contact his friend because ....
A.    he went home alone
B.     his cell phone was broken
C.     he was in the parking area
D.    his friend was still choosing a shirt
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : Jawaban dapat ditemukan pada kalimat "My cell phone was broken so I couldn't call him."

42)   From the story above we can conclude that there was a problem because ....
A.    the writer couldn't contact his friend
B.     the writer's friend was in the clothes section
C.     the writer and his friend couldn't ride the motorcycle
D.    the writer and his friend decided to go to the department store
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : Masalah dari cerita tersebut adalah penulis tidak dapat menghubungi temannya.
Cristian Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Manchester United paid £12 million to sign him in 2003 - a record fee for a player of his age. In the 2004 FA Cup Final, he scored Manchester's first three goals and helped them capture the championship. In 2008, he set a franchise record for goals scored. In 2009, Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his service.
It was through his dad's work as an equipment manager at a boy's club that Ronaldo was first introduced to the game of soccer. By the time he was 10 years old, he was already recognized as a phenomenon - a kid who ate, slept and drank the game. "All he wanted to do as a boy was playing football," his godfather, Fernao Sousa, recalled for British reporters, adding, "He loved the game so much that he'd miss meals or escape out his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework."
By his early teens, Ronaldo's talent and legend had grown considerably. After a stint with Nacional da liha da Madeira, he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001. That same year, at the tender age of 16, Ronaldo turned heads with a impressing performance against Manchester United, wowing even his opponents with his footwork and deft skill. He made such an impression that a number of United players asked their manager to try and sign the young player. It wasn't long before the club paid Ronaldo's team more than £12 million for his services - a record fee for a player of his age.

43)   What was Ronaldo action for MU in year 2004?
A.    Signed new contract
B.     Scored goals to Real Madrid
C.     Won FA Cup Championship
D.    Got payment of $131 million for his service
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : karena manchaster united menang pada FA cup championship
44)  We can learn from paragraph 2 that...
A.    Ronaldo was a talented football player
B.     Ronaldo was a very energetic football player
C.     Ronaldo gained his success by his early teens
D.     Ronaldo was a legendary young football player
Jawab : A
Pembahhasan : karena pada paragraph ke 2 Ronaldo mempunyai bakat yang luar biasa

v Procedure tentang Makanan atau Minuman
Ingridients :
1 bunch of “kepok” bananas (not too ripes)
1 liter of water
2 kg brown sugar
50 g white sugar
10 g vanilla essence
-          Peel the bananas, then roast them over charcoal until somewhat soft and brown
-          Flatten them with a special wooden clamp or if you don’t own one, use a large flat wooden spoon to flatten the bananas on a cutting board
-          Sauce: boil the water with the brown sugar, white sugar and vanilla essencec until it dissolves into thick syrup, then put over the bananas.
For 10 portions.

45)   What is the last thing we do in making epe banana?
A.    Peel a bunch of bananas
B.     Flatten the bananas
C.     Make sauce of epe bananas
D.    Roast the bananas
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : terdapat pada paragraph terakhir
46)   How much white sugar do we need to make epe banana?
A.    10 grams
B.     50 grams
C.     1 kilograms
D.    2 kilograms
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : terdapapt pada ingredienst, yang ke-3
47)  Flatten them with a special  wooden clamp”. The underlined word means ....
A.    Press
B.     Cook
C.     Fry
D.    Steam
Jawab :
Pembahasan :
Ingredients :
~ 2 cups heavy cream
~ 1 cup whole milk
~ 2/3 cup sugar
~ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Steps :
~ First, mix the ingredients
~ Second, heat until the sugar is dissolved
~ Third, Chill the mixture in the refrigerator
~ Next, Freeze the ice cream in an ice cream maker
~ After that, Add chopped chocolate bar
~ Finally, Finish freezing the ice cream

48)   What is the purpose of the text ?
A.    How to make an ice cream
B.     How to buy an ice cream
C.     How to sell an ice cream
D.    How to inform an ice cream
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : teks tersebut membahas tentang cara membuat ice cream
49)   What should we do after we heat until the sugar is dissolved ?
A.    Freeze the ice cream in an ice cream maker
B.     Add chopped chocolate bar
C.     Chill the mixture in the refrigerator
D.    heat until the sugar is dissolved
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : setelah menuangkan gula di wadah kemudian diaduk campur dengan bahan lain

v Procedure Tentang Elektronik
How To Change Flashlight’s Batteries
Material :
-          Flaslight
-          Batteries
Operation  :
1.      Unscrew the flashlight
2.      Dump the old batteries
3.      Put them aside
4.      Find the  positive (+) and negative (-) signs of the new batteries
5.      Put the two new batteries into the flashligth with the positive end to ward the bulb
6.      Screw the flaslight on to make sure it works
7.      Turn the flasslight on to make sure it works
8.      Dump the old batteries

50)   What is the text about?
A.    Turning on the new flasslight
B.     Changing flashlight’s batteries
C.     Checking where flashligth works well
D.    Throwing the flashlight’s old batteries
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : Teks tersebut tentang mengganti batu baterai senter.
51)   What should we do after the flasslight works well?
A.    Put the batteries aside
B.     Unscrew the flashlight
C.     Trhow the old batteries away
D.    Screw the flasshlight back together
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : setelah senter bekerja dengan baik maka kita dapat membuang batu baterai yang lama.
52)   dump the old batteries” (step 2)
What does the underlined means?
A.    Throw in
B.     Throw away
C.     Spread out
D.    Put together
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : kata Dump sama dengan  Throw Away yang berarti Buanglah
53)   “ ... to make sure that it works”
What does the, underlined work refers to ?
A.    The bulb
B.     The screw
C.     The batteray
D.    The flashlight
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : kata It merujuk pada kata ‘the flashlight.
54)   How many step in the teks about?
A.    3
B.     4
C.     5
D.    8
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : karena terdapat 8 langkah di teks tata cara mengganti baterai senter.
v Narrative Tentang Binatang

One day, a young farm boy named Eragon finds a blue stone while hunting and tries to sell it for money. Unsuccessfully in his attempt, he takes the stone back to his cabin and lets it sit there until it hatches into a beautiful blue dragon. Eragon realizes he can talk to this secret pet dragon with his mind, and eventually learns that he and the dragon are part of a legacy of secret heroes called the riders.

With the help of Brom, a wise man, Eragon matures into his destiny. The challenges he faces include fighting a long-standing war, helping an ethereal elf and dealing with tragedy and revenge. Certain details, such as Eragon’s revelation that cannot read, develop this rich work and blend together to produce a number of plot twists. The story builds suspense steadily until the end.

Remarkably, author Cristopher Paolini began writing Eragon at the age of 15. Now 19, he has already established himself as an exciting new creator whose influences include Tolkien, McCaffrey, and others. His word is intricate, his character believable, and his writing engaging.

Hardcore, fans of fantasy and science fiction novels, will be enchanted by this well crafted fantasy and unquestionably will look forward to this exciting trilogy.

55)   How did he Eragon communicate with his pet dragon?
A.    Through his gesture
B.     By his thought
C.     With his own language  
D.    With his eyes
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : jawaban yang tepat terdapat pada jawaban a
56)   According to reviewer, the writer of the novel is ……..
A.    an exciting creator
B.     an intricate writer
C.     a fantastic man  
D.    a believable man
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : novel tersebut terdapat pembuat akting yang terkenal
57)   We know from the text that the novel is ……
A.    boring  
B.     amazing
C.     challenging
D.    frightening  
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : karena teks tersebut tentang hewan luar biasa
Once upon a time, a rabbit wanted to cross a river but he could not swim. He had an idea. He saw a boss of crocodile swimming in the river. The rabbit asked the boss of crocodile, "How many crocodiles are there in the river'?" The boss of crocodile answered, "We are twenty here." "Where are they?" the rabbit asked for the second time. "What is it for?" the boss of crocodile asked.

"All of you are good, nice, gentle and kind, so I want to make a line in order. Later I will know how kind you are," said the rabbit. Then, the boss of the crocodile called all his friends and asked them to make a line in order from one side to the other side of the river. Just then, the rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another: one ... two ... three ... four ... until twenty, and finally, he thanked all crocodiles because he had crossed the river.

58)   The story mainly tells us about…
A.    twenty crocodiles
B.     the boss of the crocodile
C.     a rabbit and twenty crocodiles
D.    a rabbit and the boss of crocodile
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : karena terdapat dua kelinci dan duapuluh buaya pada teks
59)   We know from the first paragraph that the rabbit actually wanted...
A.    to swim across the river
B.     to cross the river  
C.     to meet the boss of crocodile 
D.    to know where the crocodiles are
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : kelinci melewati sungai dengan kayu yang terapung

v Narrative Tentang Legenda
Kyai Gede
A long time ago, there lived an old man in the Penanggungan Mountain. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan. He had supernatural power. Kiai Gede Penanggungan had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Walangangin who was not married yet. Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter to have a husband. One day, a young handsome man came to his place. The name of the man was Jaka Pandelengan. He wanted to be Kiai Gede Penanggungan's student. Kiai Gede agreed to have Jaka as his student with one condition that he would marry her daughter. Jaka Pandelengan and Dewi Walangangin soon got married. Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught Jaka many things.

After several years, now it was time for the couple to live separately from Kiai Gede Penanggungan. They would move to another village. Kiai Gede gave some seeds of pari or paddy to the couple. He asked the couple to plant the seeds. He also warned the couple not to be arrogant when they were rich. He wanted the couple to help poor people. The couple started a new life. They planted the seed. Soon, the seeds grew and became a lot of rice. Now the couple became very rich. The poor neighbours came to the couple to ask for some pari seeds, but the couple refused to help them.

Kiai Gede heard about the couple's bad behavior. Soon he visited the couple. He met them when the couple was working in the field. Kiai Gede talked to the couple. He reminded the couple not to be arrogant, but the couple ignored him. They said nothing to Kiai Gede. Kiai Gede got very angry. Then he said, "You two are like temples. You do not listen to me". Right after he said those words, an incredible thing happened. Slowly, Jaka and Dewi turned into temples. Because the temples stood among the pari, people then named them as Pari Temples.

60)   What did Jaka Pandelengan and his wife do to be rich?
A.    Helped poor people
B.     Had a great power
C.     Planted pari seeds
D.    Built a temple
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : jaka pandelengan cukup dicari di daerahnya

61)   The couple becomes temples because ....
A.    they were rich
B.     Kiai Gede said so
C.     Kiai Gede liked them
D.    they were good people
jawab : B
pembahasan : karena tempat itu milik kiai gede

62)   “... , an incredible thing happened."
A.    Untouchable
B.     Unbelievable
C.     Common
D.    Usual
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : karena kalimat sebelumnya yaitu Unbelievable

63)   What can we learn from the story?
A.    We should live separately from our parents
B.     We have to listen to our parent's advice
C.     We have to prepare a good paddy field.
D.    We should refuse other people's help
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : dapat menyimak penjelasan keluarganya

64)   What type of text is used by the
A.    Narrative.
B.     Argumentative
C.     Descriptive.
D.    Hortatory exposition
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : karena teks diatas merupakan teks Narrative

v Report Tentang Binatang
An elephatnt is largest and strongest animals. It is a strange looking animal with its thick legs, huge sides and backs, large hanging ears, a small tall, little eyes, long white tusks and above all it has a long noise, the trunk.
   The trunk is the elephany’s peculiar feature, and it has various uses. The elephant draws up water by its trunk and can squirt it all over its body like a shower bath. It can also lift leaves and puts them into its mouth. In fact the trunk server the elephatnt as a long am and hand. An elephant looks very clumsy and heavy and yet it can move very quickly.
   The elephant is a very inteligent animal. Its inteligence combined with its great strenght makes it a very useful servant to man and it can be trained to serve in various ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt for tigers and even figth.

65)   The text tells us about
A.    The Elephant’s peculiar feature
B.     Useful servant
C.     Strange looking animal
D.    An elephant
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : teks tersebut membahas tentang elephant atau Gajah
66)   The tird paragraph is mainly about the fact that....
A.    Elephants are strong
B.     Elephants can lift logs
C.     Elephants are servants
D.    Elephants are very useful
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : jawaban terletak pada paragraph ke tiga dalam teks
67)   The most distinguishing characteristic of an elephant is...
A.    Its clumsiness
B.     Its thick legs
C.     Its large body
D.    It log nose
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : ciri-ciri gajah yang paling terkenal dan mudah dikenal yaitu hidungnya
68)   Which of the following is NOT part of the elephant described in the first paragraph?
A.    It looks strange
B.     It is heavy
C.     It is wild
D.    It is has a trunk
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : di paragraph pertama tidak ada penjelasan tentang penglihatan gajah yang aneh
69)  The elephant draws up water by its trunk and can squirt it all over body like a shower bath (paragraph 2)
The underlined word refers to...
A.     A shower bath
B.     Elephant’s body
C.     A shower
D.    Elephant’s trunk
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : jawaban terletak pada kalimat sebelumnya
v Report Tentang Tanaman
v Teks Rumpang Recount

Read the following text to answer questions no 70,71,72!
    Last Holiday, my family and I (...70...) our holiday in Jogjakarta. We to borobudur so early in the morning. We arrived at borobudur (...71...) 11.00 a.m. there we met many foreig tourist. Borobudur was crowded when holiday vacation. I tried to speak with foreignt tourist. It was my first time to to speak English with foreign tourist. It was a very (...72...) vacation I had.

70)   A. Spend
 B. Spent
 C. Had Spent
 D. Is Spending
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : karena kata yang cocok untuk melengkapi paragrap diatas adalah Spent
71)   A. at
 B.  in
 C. on
 D. ito
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : jika menunjukan waktu di kalimat sebelum angka pasti terdapat kata At
72)   A. popular
 B. amazing
 C. exicting
 D. interesting
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : menurut penulis liburanya luarbiasa atau Amazing
v Teks Rumpang Narrative

Read the followingg twxt to answer questions no 73,74,75!
Ki hajar dewantara is named as Bapak Pendidikan Indonesia because of his briliant ides in indonesia educatio. Although he was (...73...) during colonial times, he had modem views. He also thought that everybody had the right to get (...74...). he was also chosen as the minister of Indonesian education under President Sukarno’s Administration. He did his job (...75...) and was bestowed Bintang Mahaputra.

73)   A. worked
 B. raised
 C. studied
 D. stayed
Jawab : C
Pembahasan : pekerjaan Ki Hajar Dewantara adalah during colonial times
74)   A. ambition
 B. education
 C. independence
 D. honesty
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : Pendidikan yang diberikan ki hajar dewantara merupakan pengajaran yang baik
75)   A. simply
 B. quickly
 C. carelessly
 D. responsibli
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : ki hajar dewantara diberi job dan diberi gelar maha putra
v Teks Rumpang Procedure

How To Make a Cheese Omelet

1 egg, 50 g cheese, 1 cup milk, 3 tablespoons cooking oil, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Frying pan, fork, spatula, cheese-grater, bowl, and plate.

Method :
·         Crack the egg into a bowl
·         Whisk the egg with a fork until it’s smooth
·         (…76…)  milk and whisk well
·         Grate the cheese into the bowl and stir
·         Heat the oil in frying (…77…)
·         Turn the omelet with spatula and cook both sides
·         Place on a plate, season with (…78…) and pepper

76)   A. Add
 B. At
 C. Attemps
 D. After
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : Jawaban A berarti menambahkan, tentu pasti jawaban yang benar adalah A

77)   A. pan
 B. cettel
 C. pot
 D .boiler
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan :  jawaban pan, yang berarti wajan.. kita dapat menuangkan minyak ke dalam wajan
78)   A. pepper
 B. salt
 C. sugar
 D. water
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : salt, berarti garam. Setelah memasak omlete kita menaburi garam ke dalamnya

v Teks Rumpang Report
Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like duckbill. Platypus …(79) a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia.Platypus … (80) a flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick and woolly layer of fur. Its bill is detecting prey and stirring up mud. Platypus' eyes and head are small. It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light.

Platypus … (81) in streams, rivers, and lakes. Female platypus usually dig burrows in the streams or river banks. The burrows are blocked with soil to protect it from intruders and flooding. In the other hand, male platypus does not need any burrow to stay.

79)  A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
Jawab :  A
Pembahasan : karena jawaban is merupakan pengertian dari mahkluk hidup yang bernama platypus
80)   A. has
 B. had
 C. have
 D. having
Jawab : A
Pembhasan : has berarti mempunyai, yaitu menunjukan binatang platypus itu mempunyai sesuatu
81)   A. live
 B. lives
 C. lived
 D. living
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : lives berarti tempat tinggal platypus yang ditunjukan oleh pembaca

v Kata Acak Jadi Kalimat
82)   Arrange theses words below into a correct sentence!
You -  if – smoking – stop – You - healthier – feel – would
   1      2          3            4          5           6            7           8
A.    5-7-6-2-1-8-4-3
B.     5-8-7-6-2-1-4-3
C.     5-7-8-6-4-2-1-3
D.    5-6-2-1-4-8-7-3
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : urutan kata yang benar untuk membentuk kalimat adalah 5-7-6-2-1-8-4-3
83)   Arrange theses words below into a correct sentence!
There my uncle but the visiting Bali staying wouldn’t likeenjoys -                                        1                 2             3       4              5                 6                  7                    8
A.    2-8-5-3-4-7-9-6-1
B.     2-9-8-5-3-4-7-6-1
C.     2-9-5-3-4-7-8-6-1
D.    2-9-5-1-3-4-8-7-6
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : urutan kata yang benar untuk membentuk kalimat adalah 2-9-8-5-3-4-7-6-1
84)   Arrange theses words below into a correct sentence!
The sunglasseswho- ismy fatheris wearingthe man
           1                  2    3          4                   5                6
A.    6-2-5-1-3-4
B.     6-5-1-3-4-2
C.     4-5-1-2-3-6
D.    2-5-4-3-1-6
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : urutan kata yang benar untuk membentuk kalimat adalah 6-2-5-1-3-4
v Kalimat Acak Jadi Paragraph

85)   Arrange these sentences below into a good pparagraph !
How To Make Tomato Soup
1.      Add water, species, salt, and pepper,
2.      Slice the onion and garlic finely and dice the tomatoes
3.      Cook gently for one hour
4.      Bring the water to boil
5.      Turn down the heat and put the tomatoes in
6.      Saute the onion and garlic in a pan with butter until fragrant
A.    2-1-4-6-3-5
B.     2-4-1-5-6-3
C.     2-6-4-1-5-3
D.    2-6-5-1-4-3
Jawab : D
Pembahasan : urutan kalimat yang benar untuk membentuk paragraf yang padu adalah 2-6-5-1-4-3
86)   Arrange these sentences below into a good paragraph !
How to make a food processor
1.      Close and hold the cover tightly
2.      Put the vegetables or other ingredients you want to blend inside of it
3.      Wait until it is finished
4.      Prees the button fully processed to make it work
5.      Open it up, and pour the food into a cup
6.      Make sure the food processor is plugged in, clean, and in working condition
A.    2-6-1-4-5-3
B.     6-2-1-4-3-5
C.     6-1-2-4-3-5
D.    2-1-6-4-5-3
Jawab : B
Pembahasan : urutan kalimat yang benar untuk membentuk paragraf yang padu adalah 6-2-1-4-3-5
87)   Arrange these sentences below into a good pparagraph !
1.      I had no choice but to go to barber, it was time to be bold
2.      So, she started to snip my hair with a scissor
3.      My father was overseas. He usually cuts our hair for us
4.      It all happened when i noticed my hair had grown too long
5.      But my sister stopped me and said that she can do it for free
6.      Halfway through, i came out my guts and panicked
7.      I would get a cut from a profesional barber, i got ready to go
8.      My berautiful hair reduced to nothing more than a hapazard
The best arrangement of the sentencce is ...
A.    3-1-2-8-6-5-7-4
B.     7-4-8-5-6-1-2-3
C.     4-3-7-5-2-6-8-1
D.    8-1-2-5-6-3-4-7
Jawab : A
Pembahasan : kalimat yang urut dan tepat terdapat pada jawaban A
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